Serra do Cabral, Brazil

CategoryRich & Comforting
NotesMilk Chocolate, Hazelnut & Vanilla
VarietyRed Catuai

Borrahlha was named after the freshwater stream that runs through the estate, called ‘Reserva natural da Borralha’. The farm is in Serra do Cabral, a region that has been put on the map thanks to the Flanzer family, who were first to plant coffee in the region in 2006.

Marcelo Flanzer and his brother Roberto own and manage the estate in Serra do Cabral plateau, located in Minas Gerais, a region synonymous with the country's best coffee. Preserving the natural ecosystem is a priority for the Flanzer brothers, over half of their land (860 hectares) has been dedicated to unadulterated, native habitat. The coffee estates have been designed around the nature reserve to allow for free movement of animals from one area to another. Marcelo has spotted the Puma Concolor (cougar) on the estate, an animal that only lives where species are abundant and hunting is prohibited.

This is the second time we’re purchased coffee from Marcelo and Roberto in Serra do Cabral. We love this coffee for it’s natural sweetness and syrupy body.




December 2019

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