Celso & Gertrudes

Caconde, São Paolo, Brazil

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesRaspberry & Lemonade
VarietyYellow Catuai

Celso and Gertrudes are a husband and wife duo who produce coffee on their farm ‘Sitio Boa Vista’, overlooking the city of Caconde on the Zani Valley Mountain range. We came across Celso and Gertrudes coffee through our export partner - FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza). FAF was founded by Felipe Croce, an accomplished international specialty coffee expert and judge. ‘Promoting Total Quality and finding other farmers with the same desire to sell better coffee around the world, sustainably’ is FAF’s philosophy. Sitio Boa Vista has been one of the farms working together with FAF from the beginning, back when few believed in specialty coffee coming out of Brazil. In 2006 Celso and Gertrudes were producing commodity level coffee, now-a-days they boast one of the best farms in the State of Sao Paulo and have been placeholders in the Cup of Excellence in Brazil. This lot is the result of good terroir and meticulous picking and processing, like all truly great coffees.




July 2020

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