Faysel Abdosh

Sidamo, Ethiopia

CategoryWild & Funky
NotesCola & Strawberry
VarietyLocal Landrace

Testi Trading PLC was established in 2019 by Faysel Abdosh and his wife to produce and export specialty coffee. This particular lot by Faysel is naturally processed, which is rare for Sidamo. Once the fresh-picked cherry is blended to spec and floated to remove imperfect cherries, they're allowed to rest submerged underwater for 8 hours, which Faysel believes helps to initiate sugar breakdown inside the cherry and sweeten the final coffee. After the soaking is complete, the cherries are laid out to dry on shaded raised beds at a depth of 5cm, where they are constantly rotated for 28 days. We purchased this lot for its clean and expressive qualities, you'll find Cherry Cola and Strawberry in the cup.




Dec 2020

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