Fernando García Contreras

El Pital, Huila, Colombia

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesStrawberry, Raisin & Caramel
VarietyTabi, Colombia, Bourbon

Fernando García Contreras was born in Caquetá, one of the towns hit hardest by violence and guerilla presence during the 50 years of civil war in Colombia. A refuge in his own country, Fernando made the most out of his situation, reviving the passion for farming coffee he was introduced to by his father as a child in Caquetá.

Fernando made the transition to produce specialty coffee only two years ago. The decision has led him to be seen as somewhat of an aficionado in his community for his work on the farm while at home his family enjoys a better quality of life thanks to receiving higher prices for coffee. Fernando has been rewarded for his hard work - recently earning himself a place in the prestigious Cup of Excellence awards in Colombia.

This lot is made up of Tabi, Bourbon and Colombia varieties that were grown on Fernando Garcia’s farm in El Pital, Huila. Fernando’s coffee has concentrated sweetness with strawberry and raisin flavours.




October 2019

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