Nyeri, Kenya

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesPurple Grape, Lavender & Prune
VarietySL-34, SL-28

In 2010 we fell for Gachatha for the first time. Since then it’s featured on our coffee menu each and every year. Nyeri Country is an oddity. The juiciest coffees in the world come from here, fetching some of the highest prices in Africa. Where the diversity in flavour profiles comes from is a mystery. The entire region shares an ostensibly similar altitude, weather and same thick layer of red clay topsoil formed by the ancient Mt Kenya. We love the enigmatic qualities of this region.

The members that make up Gachatha Coffee Factory are all local farmers. As you enter you notice a sign that reads ‘Gachatha FCS Factory. No child labour. No smoking. No hunting’. The manager and most of the staff are women. The depulper is fed with clean running water. The fermentation tanks are tiled rather than concrete. There’s nothing not to love about Gachatha Factory and our 10 year love affair is our testament.


Suitable for espresso and filter brewing. Best served black Enjoy within four weeks of roast date


Jan 2019

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