Hernando Barrera

Palestina, Huila, Colombia

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesMulberry & Camomile
VarietyCaturra & Tabi

Finca Las Brisas is a great example of a family farm. Hernando’s wife Oliva oversees operations - tracking each lot from the picking, different varieties, processing as well as the financials. This careful collection of detail has helped Finca Las Brisas get to the level it is today - one of the region's top farms. Hernando and Oliva’s daughter, Franci, is continuing a multi-generational love for coffee farming. Playing amongst the Tabi and Caturra trees from an early age, Franci has learnt the skills it takes to be a speciality coffee producer from her parents, these days she takes care of all the post-harvest processing by herself. This coffee is a good example of Tabi and Caturra - two of our favourite Colombian varietals.




June 2021

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