Isidro Castillo

Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia

CategoryWild & Funky
NotesPlum & Ganache
VarietyCaturra, Castillo

Isidro Castillo grows Castillo and Caturra varieties on his farm ‘Finca San José’, in the municipality of Buesaco, Nariño. For Isidro, coffee production is a major part of his life, first introduced to coffee by his grandparents, Isidro comes from a lineage of coffee farmers from the Nariño region. Optimistic about the future, Isidro is interested in innovation and quality of life for workers on his farm, which include his family. “Coffee motivates me every day, I honestly love what I do.” says Isidro. Humbling to hear, it could be that simplicity, family and a good cup of coffee might be the best thing for us all.




August 2020

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