Jose Salazar - Pink Bourbon

Bruselas, Pitalito, Colombia

CategoryLight & Floral
NotesPapaya, Bergamot & Panela
VarietyPink Bourbon

This lot from Josè Salazar is made up of 100 percent Pink Bourbon, farmed on the rugged mountainside of Bruselas in Pitalito.

It’s not uncommon to find Red and Yellow Bourbon growing in the region of Huila. However, Pink Bourbon, despite being highly prized, is a rarer find. The recessive genes leading to the expression of pink fruit are easily suppressed by the presence of yellow and red genes in a given pollen grain. Pink Bourbon has a higher success rate when grown in isolation, giving the variety a better chance of maintaining its colour and unique flavour profile.

This is one of the finest examples of Pink Bourbon that we’ve ever come across. It’s an exotic and aromatic cup, with papaya, panela and lingering bergamot florals.




Jan 2019

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