Juana & Raymundo Lopez

Oaxaca, Mexico

CategoryShowcase Series
NotesCamomile & Sugarcane
VarietyPluma Hidalgo

This showcase is from Juana Lopez and hails from San Pedro El Alto municipality in Oaxaca, Mexico, and took our fancy with its outstanding flavours of camomile tea and freshly cut sugarcane. The coffee's varietal is Pluma Hidalgo, a progeny of Typica local to the area that was first introduced in the 1850's. It was named after a small town about an hour's drive from Juana's farm, and there's no doubt residents of the region are proud of this unique varietal.
We feel this coffee is worthy of the showcase title as it offers us an exciting glimpse into the true potential of an undervalued coffee region and a success story about a producer who made the leap into selling their coffee on the specialty market.

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February 2020

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