Eastern Highlands, PNG

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesWatermelon & Mandarin
VarietyArusha, Typica

Kabiufa is a short drive from Goroka on the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It’s one of many initiatives that Joeri Kalwij (GM of New Guinea Highlands Exporters) is behind. We first visited the Eastern Highlands of PNG in 2016. Most of the producers live in remote areas, on the verge of being inaccessible. The landscape is made up of rugged mountains and broad valleys - the highest peaks reaching 3000 masl.

Moses Venapoe is a Kabiufa local. After attending workshops on speciality coffee, Moses decided to try something new for Kabiufa. As it had been in the region, coffee was sold by the weight, giving the seller the incentive to add unripe or defective cherries to their bounty. Moses built a wet mill and started buying unprocessed, ripe cherries. Buying only ripe cherries Moses was able to select only optimal fruit and process them together in a more controlled environment.

Kabiufa is a reminder of what’s possible from Papua New Guinea, a country often underrepresented in speciality coffee.




March 2021

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