La Serrania Decaf

South Huila, Colombia


You’ll find plenty of vibrancy and delicious complexity in this coffee, sans caffeine!

CategoryRich & Comforting
NotesCherries, melted dark chocolate and lots of sweetness
ProcessWashed / Ethyl Acetate Decaffeination
VarietyCaturra, Castillo, Colombia

La Serrania’ is a regional selection of coffees from small producers in Pitalito, South Huila. Decaffeinated using the sugercane extract ethyl acetate, the coffee retains plenty of origin detail, with the decaffeination imparting a winey and sugar-sweet character.


Suitable for espresso, stovetop and plunger. Designed for milk. Enjoy within four weeks of roast date.


March - May 2017

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