Libardo - Early Harvest

Villa Fatima, Pitalito, Colombia

CategoryBright & Juicy

This caturra lot by Libardo Piedrahita is the first of a two part release in which we highlight the subtle differences found at the different ripening stages on the same farm. This lot is made up of the earlier pickings. Interestingly, unlike the later harvest which has a brown sugar and pastry-like rusticness, this lot is quite delicate, with toffee and blueberry flavours.

Libardo Piedrahita farms eight hectares of mountainside in Villa Fatima, in the municipality of Pitalito. His farm is much bigger than the average size, giving Libardo the opportunity to plant a host of different varieties from the common Colombia and Castillo to ‘exotic’ varieties like Pink and Yellow Bourbon.

Coffee runs deep in the Piedrahita blood. At 56, Libardo started out tending his father's farm in Bèlen not far from where he is now. Libardo’s six children all help out on the farm while juggling their own careers in town, his oldest holds a degree in engineering - specialising in coffee production.




January 2019

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