Los Eucaliptos

San Lorenzo, Nariño, Colombia

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesDried Mango, Passionfruit & Date
VarietyCastillo & Colombia

Against the lush, tropical greens that dominate the coffee regions to its north, Nariño seems positively arid, with jagged peaks, fierce winds and dusty roads. But there’s magic in the air (and soil) here.

The farms are generally smaller and more simple than in the rest of the country, but the overall cup quality is just superb. Just check out this coffee by Henry Viveros, a fourth generation ‘cafetalero’ from Northern Nariño – it just about bursts with fruity sweetness.


Suitable for espresso and filter brewing. Best served black. Enjoy within four weeks of roast date.


September - October 2018

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