Luis Ortega

San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesPlum & Sugarcane

Luis Alejandro Ortega learned to produce coffee from his parents in San Agustin, part of the Huila region. Nowadays Luis has his own farm in the same hills. Coffee is a constant in his life, his biggest passion, and his livelihood.

San Agustin was once home to the pre-Colombian Yariguí peoples who resisted invasion from the Spanish in the 16th-century by the ingenuity of arrows, poisoned darts, and surprise tactics. It has been said that the Yariguies committed mass suicide instead of submitting to Spanish colonial rule.

Our importing partner Caravela helped us to bring Luis Ortega’s coffee to our doors. Uncompromising when it comes to traceability, Caravela shares the same values as us here at Mecca. This partnership allows our customers to enjoy the flavours of red plum and intense sweetness we taste in Luis' coffee this year.




November 2020

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