Luis Antonio

Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

CategoryLight & Floral
NotesCranberry & Hibiscus
VarietySan Bernardo & Castillo

Luis Antonio Aldana has been producing coffee in the municipality of Planadas since the late 50’s. Tolima translates to ‘river of snow or cloud’ in the local indigenous language and the municipality of Planadas is the most well known of the regions in Tolima, specifically for the quality of coffee that’s produced here. Historically, accessing specialty coffee from Tolima was an onerous task. The city's isolation from the rest of Colombia was compounded by the takeover of rebel forces (FARC - Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) which made trade and exports very difficult. Since 2012, after peace talks between the Colombian Government and FARC, the region is much safer and is able to connect the stunning coffee’s that are produced here with the rest of us. This harvest by Luis Antonio is a great example of the region's contribution to specialty coffee. It’s floral and aromatic with a confectionery sweetness that lingers in the cup.




October 2019

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