Minani Anastase

Rushashi District, Ruli Sector, Rwanda


Showcase Series 6 of 7

CategoryLight & Floral
NotesLemongrass, Lime & Dark Chocolate
VarietyRed Bourbon

Minani's farm. Photo credit: Melbourne Coffee Merchants

Anastase Minani picked his first coffee cherry over four decades ago, he's a founding member of Dukunde Kawa cooperative (where he was the president for six years) and continues to be a model for agricultural advice for other cooperative members.

It's hard to come by single farmer lots in Rwanda. This is because almost all of Rwanda's coffee is processed in centralised 'wet mills', in which each coffee cherry delivery dropped off by a farmer gets mixed in with the deliveries of other farmers that same day.

That's why we're particularly excited about this edition of our Showcase Series – our first ever single farmer release from Rwanda! It comes courtesy of Anastase Minani; founding member and former president of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative and coffee farmer with over four decades experience under his belt. It's nice to know exactly who to thank for this delicious and nuanced coffee.


Suitable for espresso and filter brewing. Best served black. Enjoy within four weeks of roast date.


May 2018

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