Shakisso, Sidamo, Ethiopia

CategoryWild & Funky
NotesBergamot & Blood Orange
ProcessSun Dried
VarietyLocal Shakisso Varieties

Mormora is a 200 hectare farm owned by Yodesa Yachisi in the Southern Guji district of Shakisso. Yodesa ditched his gold mining career after falling in love with coffee and the community it creates.

At Mormora, coffee trees are grown inside the pre-existing natural forest. The coffee trees are protected from the sun by the forest canopy which doubles as an organic (and free) fertiliser after leaves and debris fall and decompose with the help of bacteria and fungi.

Stumping is commonly practiced in coffee cultivation, as older trees produce lower yields. By cutting the tree at its base, the tree is given a new life and may once again offer an abundant harvest. A coffee tree is stumped when it reaches approximately 25 years of age.

This coffee from Mormora is sundried, or ‘natural’ processed, with the coffee cherry dried with the fruit still attached to the seed. It's clear that this coffee was processed impeccably – the overt sweetness of the natural process does not obscure the delicate florals and crisp fruit notes in the cup.


Sun Dried


Feb 2019

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