Ninga Hill

Muramvya Province, Burundi

CategoryLight & Floral
NotesBergamot & Blood Orange
VarietyRed Bourbon

Coffee came to Burundi in the 1920s. Unlike other East African countries - such as Rwanda, Ethiopia or Kenya - Burundi coffee was late to find itself in cafe’s or speciality coffee shops, instead, it was bound for the supermarket shelves and lost the recognition and traceability it deserves.

Without knowing Burundi’s history, it’s hard to comprehend why it took so long. Every coffee producing region in Burundi has an individual micro-climate, soil structure and altitude - the foundations for speciality coffee production.

The farmers that contributed to this coffee are from a small region called ‘Ninga Hill’. Their coffee cherries - when ripe - are transported to Bukeye Washing station nearby where it’s processed and repeatedly sorted to ensure only the best coffee is produced.




December 2020

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