San Diego Bueno Vista

Acatenango, Guatemala

CategoryShowcase Series
NotesTangerine & Lemongrass

This is the second Geisha lot we’ve featured this year and was produced by Juan Bock - on his farm ‘San Diego’- in the mountains of Acatenango, Guatemala. It was Juan Bock’s father who initially purchased the land and who, in the early 1900’s was responsible for introducing the Typica variety in the Acatenango region. Juan’s father subsequently passed away in the late 1940’s and San Diego was then taken by the government.

In 1962, at only 18 years of age Juan Bock reclaimed the farm his father left him and continues to manage it until the present day. Nowadays, Juan grows Bourbon, Caturra and Geisha on San Diego, varieties that over time have proven to be the most successful for the conditions.

During harvest, Juan delivers ripe coffee cherries to Bellavista Mill - owned by the influential farmer/exporter Luis Pedro Zelaya - who buys ripe cherries at a premium from the local farmers and uses his world class dry mill to sort and process them for export.




March 2019

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