San Ignacio

Cajamarca, Peru

CategoryBright & Juicy
NotesMarmalade & Milk Chocolate
VarietyBourbon, Caturra, Typica

Peru is one of the largest producers of arabica coffee in the world. It’s surprising then, that it has been underrepresented on the menu of specialty coffee shops throughout the world.

Small farm size and the extreme isolation of the producers has delayed the celebration of traceable micro lots. Now-a-days Peru is catching up to its bordering countries - Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia - when it comes to market access of great traceable coffees.

San Ignacio is one of the thirteen provinces that make up the Department of Cajamarca and is known as the land of coffee, honey and natural forests. This is the second year in a row we’ve purchased coffee from the San Ignacio region. This year, the cup profile has a jammy sweetness with bright citrus fruit.




September 2019

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