Sitio Canaã

Bahia, Brazil

CategoryWild & Funky
NotesRed Apple & Apricot Jam
ProcessPulped Natural
VarietyObata, Topàzio, Bourbon & Catuaí

The influential farmer Kleumon Silva Moreira owns and manages his farm, Sitio Canaã in Bahia’s Chapada Diamantina region. Kleumon is 27 years old and has worked on coffee farms for the past decade alongside Antônio Rigno - a mentor and friend with a reputation as a coffee producing aficionado.

This lot is made up of Obata, Topàzio, Bourbon and Catuaí varieties grown on Kleumon Moreira's farm, Sitio Canaã. Each tree’s at Sitio Canaã is strategically planted 60cm apart and in rows 3.3m wide, healthy and generous spacing in a country known for monoculture coffee farming.

Sitio Canaã is our first release from Brazil this year, it has notes of stewed red apple and a lingering jammy apricot finish.


Pulped Natural


December 2019

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