Sorany Castaño Motta

Huila, Colombia

CategoryWild & Funky
NotesCola & Candied Fruit
VarietyPink Bourbon

In 1990, Colombia opened its doors to the international economy which threw domestic producers into chaos. coffee farmers were hit hard when the price they received from their crop was pegged to a floating price on the NY Stock Exchange - having producers walking a tight line toward bankruptcy.

Don Gabriel Castaño lived through these rough times. Like many other coffee producers, Don Gabriel turned to Coca production - the tree used to make Cocaine. Once the opportunity to get out came, Gabriel turned his back on Coca and dedicated himself entirely to speciality coffee.

This particular lot comes from Sorany, Gabriel's youngest daughter who farms coffee close by to the family home. Sorany grows Pink Bourbon - the variety for which her family is famous for introducing to the area. This coffee is clean, with intense tropical fruit.




December 2020

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