Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea


A genre-bending demonstration of complex, clean and bright flavours

CategoryLight & Floral
NotesElderflower, Pear & Honey
VarietyArusha, Blue Mountain, Caturra

Luke Yasinamo's coffee is an exciting lot due to its mix of varietals, and the fact that it was taken all the way to parchment stage under his eye. When asked how he could possibly learn coffee processing in eight months and drying procedures without mechanical assistance, he replied "just by the feel of it'.

The mix of Caturra, Blue Mountain and Arusha varieties gives us plenty of florals and complexity. In fact, Arusha is now believed to be a close sibling of the coveted SL-28 variety. The Okapa region has a dull and windy climate. Without the use of expensive mechanical drying facilities, up to 7 or 8 days of drying is required and coffee requires regular attention and turning. For a coffee to turn out with such clarity requires diligent attention and usually, a whole lot of experience.


Suitable for espresso and filter brewing. Best served black. Enjoy within four weeks of roast date.


July 2018

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