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Thu 6 September, 2018

Single lot coffees are our favourite way to experience diversity in coffee. By singling out a particular region, varietal or processing style we can better correlate these things to flavour.


We are particularly interested in the agricultural aspect of coffee, so many of our single lot coffees are chosen for 'clarity of flavour'. This means the coffee embodies a clear expression of its terroir and varietal.

A fruit-forward dry-process coffee can be exciting, but we tend to steer clear of anything that displays too much ferment.

We present our single lot coffee under one of four categories:

  • Light and Floral
  • Bright and Juicy
  • Rich and Comforting
  • Wild and Funky

We believe this sensory-based model helps to connect customers with the type of coffee they actually feel like drinking.

How we roast

All our single lots are designed to be enjoyed without milk.

If black coffee’s not your thing, try our House or Moonwalker Blend instead.

Our roasting goals are three simple concepts…

  1. Sweet - is the coffee developed enough to be clearly sweet and balanced, when brewed under standardised conditions?
  2. Expressive - is our roasting allowing the coffee’s unique attributes maximum stage time?
  3. Mouthfeel - seperate to flavour, is the coffee pleasant in a tactile way? Not dry, rough or thin?

We test these attributes through cupping. Once we have settled on a roast profile, we run test roasts and brews at Alexandria before releasing it into the world!

Wait - no 'filter' or 'espresso' roast?

Yep. Crazy, right? We have found that those terms are considered unreliable given how vague and varied every roaster's approach is.

We stick to those three concepts above and we find that by following some simple brew guidelines we can achieve a lovely extraction as either an espresso, or as a filter.

For those who are craving something with a classic, 'darker' roast flavour in their espresso we steer them toward our House Blend.

How we brew

Espresso - By setting up a slower-than-average machine flow rate (200mL / 27sec) we can brew a little more gently and grind a little coarser.

Your portafilter basket size, water quality and grinder type will greatly affect extraction, so all brew recipes should be treated as guidelines only.

Start with a 2:5 ratio (20g dose, 50g yield) and let your tastebuds guide you from there.

Kalita / V60 - Use 60g / L. See our Guide

Aeropress - Use 62g / L. See our Aeropress Guide

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