Single Origin Gift Subscription

A curated selection of freshly roasted single origin coffees from around the globe. Hop on and enjoy the ride.


All throughout the year, freshly harvested coffees arrive at our roastery. The latest arrival may be a delicate and floral Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a toffee-apple sweet washed Colombian from NariƱo, a brooding blackcurrant-like Kenyan, or one of the countless other unique coffee profiles that we manage to source.

Be one of the first to taste these beans just as they arrive, and enjoy the delicious and diverse world of single origin beans every single morning.

Our Mecca Coffee Gift Subscription will deliver freshly roasted beans every 2 weeks for 3 or 6 months.


Enjoy within 4 weeks of roast date.


Subscriptions are dispatched on Mondays. New subscription orders must be placed before 12am Sunday AEST in order for them to be dispatched the same week. If you'd like us to include a note, please give details in the 'Delivery Instructions' field.

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